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Treatment with Dental Braces

If you think your child needs dental braces to straighten his/her teeth, it is a good idea to have him/her evaluated by an orthodontist. According to Alan Carr, DMD, the ideal age for an orthodontic evaluation is 7. Whether or not to wear braces is a matter to be decided by the orthodontist, depending on the cause and severity of the misaligned teeth.

Generally, treatment for misaligned teeth involves dental braces. This treatment begins only when the child has lost the majority of his/her primary teeth and his adult teeth have started to grow in. Usually, this happens between ages 8 and 14, where most of the child's adult teeth have settled but are crooked. The use of dental braces may be appealing since this can address several dental issues such as overbite or underbite.

However, some orthodontists may recommend the use of dental appliances, not necessarily dental braces, for children who still have most of their baby teeth. Only after the baby teeth, or most of them, have fallen out will the orthodontist start the second phase of the treatment using dental braces.

The two-phase treatment method will necessarily entail more time and expense. However, if initial treatment or prior orthodontic evaluation was made, the second phase will be shorter.

Depending on the severity of the dental problems, the prerogative generally rests upon the orthodontist. However, if you feel having dental braces would be the best choice for you and your kid, consult and share your thoughts with your orthodontist.


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