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Why Do I Need to Wear My Retainers?

Our teeth may seem immobile and set permanently in our gums, but they are, in fact, constantly moving and shifting positions even if braces are worn. Chewing your food, sipping your beverage or even smoking can cause movement of the teeth. Your teeth may move forward or backward with each bite and sip.

The aging process also relates to teeth movement. As we age, our mouth and jaw will expand, grow and develop. As a result, our teeth's position will also vary. They would have the tendency to squeeze together and crowd among themselves. On the other hand, there's also what is known as the mesial driftour teeth tend to drift or move forward if space is available.

Adult teeth relapse is one of the most common concerns for people who have orthodontic correction.

Ideally, our teenage years are the perfect time to wear braces. But removing braces shortly afterward can cause the teeth to revert back to their original positions from their supposedly ideal and optimal place. The teeth's memory causes them to return to their old spot after the bones and ligaments were stretched by braces. Once released by the hold of braces, our teeth spring back to their previous position.

Here's where the retainers come into action. They hold the teeth in place until such a time that their memory fades and their bones and ligaments will not revert back to their original position. Retainers help maintain the teeth's ideal position until the individual attains functional and esthetic bite.


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