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Invisible Aligners to Straighten Your Smile

Want to have a beautiful, straighter smile? Many people have attained great success with clear orthodontic appliances commonly known as invisible aligners. Among the common brands are Invisalign and ClearCorrect. These aligners are custom-designed to achieve a tight fit over the teeth and straighten them.

Wondering if you can get invisible aligners to straighten your smile? To ascertain if you're a good candidate for this type of orthodontic treatment, an orthodontist will check on the state of your teeth. In most cases, invisible aligners are best for adults; they are generally not suitable for children since their teeth growth is more complicated.

Treatment using invisible aligners is usually reserved for patients who are struggling with mild to moderate crowding of teeth or who have minor issues with irregular spacing between teeth. Bite problems and severe crowding or spacing problems may require intensive treatment.

Despite being tightly fit over teeth, invisible teeth aligners can be removed for brushing, flossing and eating. During the course of the treatment, there may be several adjustments made to guide the teeth's movement to their ideal positions. Every few weeks, the aligners are replaced with new ones to correspond with the movement of teeth and continue their shifting.

The treatment period involving invisible aligners generally takes about 24 months, depending on how much movement of the teeth is required. For slightly shifted teeth or bite, the use of invisible aligners may take as little as 10 weeks since what is needed is only refinement and not extensive teeth repositioning.

For people who want to avoid metal mouth, invisible aligners are the best alternative. Made of clear plastic, they're more convenient and easy to use compared to conventional metal braces.

If you're considering invisible aligners to straighten your smile, your orthodontist can help you decide.


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