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What Is Accelerated Orthodontics?

Don't you wish you can get the same results with your orthodontic treatment in less time? With accelerated orthodontics, you can. This method is basically the same you wear braces, but here's the twist: The treatment is much speedier compared to conventional braces treatment.

Accelerated orthodontics, as its name implies, is the faster route to achieving straight, more beautiful teeth. It's becoming increasingly popular among adult patients since it allows straightening of misaligned or crooked teeth in just months instead of years.

With conventional braces, the treatment period may range between two and four years. However, accelerated orthodontics allows shortened treatment time at just three to eight months; 12 months at the most. Accelerated orthodontics can give you the amazing smile you've always wanted in half the time.

Speedier treatment time is the main benefit of accelerated orthodontics, but that is not the only advantage. Because it corrects structural disorders in the teeth and jaw at a faster rate, it averts more potential complications arising from these conditions. As straight teeth contributes to better health of the jaw, teeth and gums, accelerated orthodontics can drastically enhance function, as well, effectively improving the way you speak, bite, chew or otherwise open and close your mouth.

Accelerated orthodontics, however, does require minor surgery. This is done under local anesthesia and performed about a week prior to when the braces are attached. The purpose of this in-office procedure is to prepare the gums and bones, allowing the teeth to move conveniently and quickly to their proper positions.

Since it is performed with anesthesia, there is little to no pain. If there is discomfort, it is typically similar to that felt when you undergo teeth cleaning. As a side effect, many patients report an itching sensation as teeth move faster with accelerated orthodontics.

If you're interested in accelerated orthodontics and would like to know if you're a good candidate for the treatment, speak with your orthodontist.


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