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How to Cope With a Misaligned Jaw

Is your jaw out of alignment? Do you have crooked smile? When your front teeth are so gapped that the upper front set covers the lower front set when you close your mouth, you have a bite problem. For this reason, you will need jaw realignment treatment.

Occlusion is the term used by dental specialists to describe how the upper and lower teeth meet in relation to opening or closing the mouth. Any irregularities attendant to this are called malocclusion.

There are a number of factors that contribute to jaw irregularities or pain. One of the primary reasons why malocclusion occurs is poor health of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Spasms in the muscles surrounding these joints can also trigger pain as well as affect the ability to open and close the mouth. Loose teeth can also cause TMJ pain.

Before starting the treatment, an orthodontist will take X-ray images of the patient's teeth and TMJ to reach a proper diagnosis. If the teeth do not mesh properly and there is a two-inch gap between the upper and lower teeth when the mouth is closed, it is classified as a massive malocclusion.

As treatment, the orthodontist may recommend the use of braces to realign the teeth. These dental appliances can push and guide the teeth to their ideal positions. In addition, braces can help relax the muscles and joints in these areas.

If braces are not enough to achieve the desired outcomes, special surgery may be performed to realign the jaw into its proper place. Behavioral therapy and relaxation techniques will also contribute to achieve a relaxed set of muscles in the jaw area.

Treatment for misaligned jaw should not be postponed. If you believe you're struggling with TMJ pain or experiencing malocclusion, get in touch with an orthodontist to obtain a full diagnosis and proper treatment.


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