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Get that gorgeous grin!

Get that gorgeous grin!

Cosmetic dentistry is a new branch of general dentistry that combines the science and art of maintaining oral health and function.

While general dentistry deals with treatment and prevention of dental ailments, cosmetic dentistry adds esthetic elements so you can flash a winning smile. It requires specialized skills and materials to create a more natural-looking effect on the teeth.

Some of the procedures include dental braces, retainers, implants, porcelain veneers, tooth bonding and teeth whitening.

Chips and cracks, spaces and stains are some problems that need cosmetic dentistry. With teeth discoloration due to coffee and smoking, whitening may be the solution. Stain-removing gel on a mouth tray is placed over your crowns for brighter teeth. While this procedure can be done at home, you have to visit a dentist first and carefully follow the instructions; otherwise, the desired effect will not be realized.

A dental bridge is used to restore one or a few teeth and is attached between two teeth. A less expensive approach is placing a wire at the back of the next tooth to keep the bridge in place.

Visit your cosmetic dentist to see what options are available to improve your appearance, and flash that gorgeous grin!

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