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Solutions to Common Orthodontic Emergencies

Once in a while, accidents can happen. Bands may get loose, brackets may break or wires can stick out, resulting in discomfort or interference while wearing these orthodontic appliances. When emergency situations like this occur, your ideal recourse is to call your orthodontist and set up an appointment to have your braces or retainers repaired, replaced, reattached or repositioned.

But if, for some reason, getting to the orthodontists office immediately is not possible, you can fix the problem temporarily until your scheduled visit. Here are solutions to common orthodontic emergencies:

Loose Spacers

Before your actual braces treatment, rubber rings are positioned between teeth, separating them and creating gaps in between. If one of these spacers becomes loose, try to hang on until you get to your orthodontist and have it replaced.

Loose Bands

Ideally, a loose band should be cemented back in place. Dont try to put it back yourself. If feasible, detach it completely and bring it to your orthodontist on your next visit.

Loose or Broken Wires

The most common of all orthodontic emergencies is broken, loosened or protruding wires. Poking the inside walls of the mouth, cheek, tongue and gums, this problem can lead to mouth sores and cuts and cause considerable pain.

When faced with this orthodontic issue, never cut the wire. Schedule an appointment with your orthodontist to have it fixed. Or, as a temporary measure, apply special wax on the tip of the protruding wire and push it back in place.

Loose Brackets

If youre eating food that youre not supposed to, loose brackets will happen. The usual culprits include sticky or hard food.

As a bracket loosens, it will cause discomfort as it can poke the inside walls of the mouth, tongue and gums. To resolve the quandary, theres a special wax you can use to protect the inside of your mouth. Apply this on the loose bracket to ease the discomfort.

In all instances, contact your orthodontist and visit him or her as soon as possible.


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