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Life After Braces: What Happens When They Finally Come Off?

Have you been prescribed braces by your orthodontist? Braces treatment can take years. You will be required to wear them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Depending on the severity of the orthodontic issues or the need for dental appliances, you may also be required to wear retainers after your brace treatment to make sure your teeth stays aligned and straight.

There are several types of braces to choose from. The most conventional of them all are metal braces. Consisting of metal wires and brackets, they are a lot less comfortable compared to the innovations of today. Despite advancements in orthodontic braces, traditional braces are still widely used because they are sturdy and reliable.

Similar in size and shape to traditional braces are ceramic braces. The main variance is the latters tooth-colored or clear brackets. Ceramic braces may also cost more than the conventional variety.

However, todays popular option are invisible aligners. They are virtually imperceptible, removable and comfortable to wear. Because they dont look and feel like youre wearing orthodontic appliances, many people choose them.

Regardless of the type of braces youre wearing, its a wonderful and fulfilling experience to have your orthodontic appliances removed. It marks the end of a chapter in your journey toward having a beautiful, healthy smile.

So whats next after having your braces removed? Heres what you can expect after your orthodontic appliances come off.

Your gums will feel a bit tender, requiring some time to heal. There may be some areas between or around your teeth that havent been cleaned properly despite your efforts. Expect some teeth discoloration. Your orthodontist may also require you to wear retainers to keep the teeth from shifting out of position. Wearing of retainers may run for months to years, depending on the need.


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