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How Braces Contribute to Improved Self-Esteem

Numerous studies have shown the close link between physical appearance, social acceptance and improved self-esteem. The research revealed that beautiful people are perceived by society as smarter and more qualified to occupy better position, thus leading to better-paying jobs and greater chances of success.

With a straight smile, a person is perceived as more attractive. A beautiful set of teeth then contributes to a better self-image and improved confidence in dealing with other people. In children, beautiful smiles translate to improved emotional and social development.

Did you know there is another study that linked dental appearance with the likelihood of being bullied? Published in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, this study revealed that children perceived as unattractive based on their facial or dental features are particularly prone to bullying.

With bullying comes low self-esteem and depression. Bullied kids are also likely to suffer from physical and mental illnesses, resulting in poor academic performance and low social interaction with other children.

This is where orthodontic treatment can help. It addresses these concerns and facilitates proper development in children. Contrary to what many people think, advancements in orthodontic treatment allow it to be comfortable and no longer time-consuming. Everything is now handled more quickly and more conveniently.

Whats more, there is a wide range of orthodontic appliances now available. Gone are the days where the only option was the bulky and metal variety of braces. Today there are customized braces that are made of plastic. There are also fewer metal wires and brackets involved.

Invisible aligners are also making a huge impact on orthodontic treatment. Since they are virtually imperceptible, many orthodontic patients love them because it doesnt look like theyre wearing an orthodontic appliance.

Its never too late to have a beautiful, healthy smile. Talk to your orthodontist today.


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