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The challenges that today's adolescent or teenagers face are bad enough without adding poor self-esteem to the mix. Their self-esteem and social life can be profoundly – and negatively – affected by having crooked teeth, which can also affect bite, hinder proper hygiene and contribute to speech disorders, gum disease and other functional growth problems. Getting the right help at the right time is therefore important.

Confidence that comes with a beautiful smile

Dr. Giegerich offers comprehensive orthodontic treatment for kids and teens to help them have a lifetime of healthy, attractive and confident smiles. He will start by assessing their orthodontic concerns first and then he’ll recommend a treatment program based on their individual needs. Your child’s orthodontic treatment is carefully planned based on Dr. Giegerich's experience and is delivered with great care and personal attention. 

State-of-the-art straight wire brackets, for example, are easier to adjust, use thinner wires and allow the wire to slide freely, creating less friction during tooth movements. As a result, adjustments are less frequent and completed more quickly... and total treatment time can usually be reduced while giving your adolescent excellent results!

Visit Giegerich Orthodontics for a conservative approach to braces for children and braces for teens. Call 609.652.1900 or fill out our online Request an Appointment form to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Thomas A. Giegerich. We provide our services to residents of Brigantine, Egg Harbor City, Galloway, Smithville and Absecon, near Atlantic Mainland Hospital and near Stockton College in Atlantic County, NJ.

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